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Interdisciplinary Collaboration and EntrepreneurshipLaajuus (5 op)

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- is able to define the terms multi-/ inter-/ transdisciplinary and collaboration
- knows the principles and framework of interdisciplinary collaboration
- is able to examine factors that may influence interdisciplinary collaboration and consequently service user outcomes
- is able to work in interdisciplinary relationships and intercultural groups
- is able to share one’s own expertise in mentorship relations
- adopts an entrepreneurial attitude and skills


- Concepts of multi-/inter-/transdisciplinary and collaboration
- Principles and framework of interdisciplinary collaboration
- Entrepreneurship and project work, entrepreneurial operating methods of the community, i.e., how aspects of entrepreneurship are realised in the community (initiative, persistence, collaboration skills, creativity, responsibility and risk-taking)
- Interdisciplinary working in service design
- Collaboration and integration in social and health care, integration of services/eServices between stakeholders/organizations, changing job descriptions and new professions
- Integrated service management
- Mentoring


To be agreed at the beginning of the course.


01.08.2023 - 30.06.2024


15.09.2023 - 31.07.2024


5 op

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5 op



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Active participation via own virtual learning path, exercises, and peer/student discussions.
A non-Stop course.

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Reading material and writing an assignment 135 h.

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To be agreed at the beginning of the course.

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